Moor Mud Mask Application

The Moor Mud active ingredients will rev up your circulatory system, clear your skin of acne, blemishes, toxins and unwanted fluids by drawing out impurities, heal, rejuvenate and saturate your skin cells from the inside out.

The Moor Mud can act as your clear skin care solution on any part of the face or body where you are experiencing problems; it is perfect as an acne mask, as an eczema treatment, or as a regular facial mask to combat the signs of aging. The Moor Mud will work on ALL your skin complaints.

But please always use it in accordance with the following guidelines for best results…

Things you need to take note:

Before using The Moor Mud:

Stir the contents of the jar thoroughly to ensure the moor water and the moor mud are completely mixed.

When using The Moor Mud:

Apply facial mask to “toughened” areas first, leaving more sensitive areas until last. For example apply to any spots, chin, sides of nose and forehead first, then to neck and cheeks.

The most important thing to remember when applying the mud mask is that unlike a traditional mud mask, Moor Mud should NOT be allowed to dry out on the skin. You can use an atomizer spray to keep your skin damp. The ONLY exception to this is IF you are using Moor Mask® as an acne mask in which case you should allow the mud mask to dry out SLIGHTLY before spraying it with water.

After using The Moor Mud:

After treatment, if at all possible you should not apply ANY other product to the skin for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight including moisturizer.

Also, drink plenty of water to allow The Moor Mud to enable your skin to release stored toxins back into the bloodstream so that your body can eliminate them. Drinking water helps in flushing these from your body as quickly as possible.

Some users experiencing moderate to severe acne report a worsening of their condition initially. This is all perfectly normal because you are undergoing normalization process and it should subside by week 3 or normalization We suggest you discontinue using any chemical products on your skin so The Moor Mud able to work without interference.

Q: How long should I leave The Moor Mud on?

For your FIRST TREATMENT, on normal or dry skin, leave the mask on for only 3-5 minutes. For males with oily and problem skin, you may increase the leave-on time to 5-8 minutes. If there are visible capillaries or if you have sensitive skin the mask should be left on for no longer than 3 minutes during the first few times of use.

For ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS, increase the time the moor mud mask is left on the skin to a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes for normal, dry or sensitive skin or 15-20 minutes if you are treating acne or problem areas.

Q: How often should I use The Moor Mud?

For normal, undamaged skin, apply Moor Mud Mask at 5-7 day intervals.

For ALL other skin types, use DAILY as a facial mask/body treatment for 21 days to normalize the skin. During this period, Moor Mud will be working to bring the skin back into balance and it is important to give over this time commitment during the first phase of treatment in order to maximize results.

Once you have completed the 21-day normalization period – you can drop down to a maintenance routine – unless you have a severe condition and in particular if you are using the mask as an acne treatment, in which case we recommend daily use until you are happy with the results. A maintenance routine varies according to the individual but is typically between 3-5 days.