Austrian Heilmoor Clay

Moor Clay has been used since the ancient times for beauty treatments. There are 3 main types of moors: 'hoch'(high) moors, 'flach'(surface) moors, and 'tiefen'(deep) moors. Deep Moor also called Tiefen Moor or Heilmoor clay – is an ingredient used by The Moor Bar. Heilmoor clay is a nutrient rich mud with effective therapeutic, detoxifying and cosmetic properties from the moor in Austria.

Moor clay is created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants & flowers which have been permanently submerged underground up to 60 feet and covered by a very thick layer of clay which is totally protected from air, rain or agricultural contaminants pollution.

How Moor Is Created

In the absence of oxygen which will bring decaying effects and in the correct climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a ‘ripening’ transformation process over thousands of years to produce a smooth, homogeneous dark substance called Moor.

During this ‘ripening’ process, special substances comprised of hundreds of healing, detoxifying and beautifying herbs, plants & flowers are retained in the Moor